Transformations of the Basic Family of Functions

In this activity you will use a slider to change the basic (parent) functions. You will be able to change value of the sliders a0, ai, h, and k to transform the function by moving these sliders. The r0 and ri allow your to reflect outside and inside of the function change you results. There are two check boxes to permit the user to easily demonstrate the results of a vertical or horizontal line test. The a0 and the ai represent the effects of multipliers outside of the function f(x) and inside the parenthesis of f(x), sometimes these multipliers when used separately produce the same graph. When a0 or ai are zero, the resulting graph is a constant function. Video Demo

g(x) = ao f(ai x – h) + k

Use these handouts as a guide to analyse the included functions.

This applet can be used by teachers in a demonstration mode in the classroom or teachers can have students load it on their own computers as a worksheet to be completed for a grade.

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